Grey Heron Media, Lower Main Street, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
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New York Festival Winners Laureate 2015The award-winning Grey Heron Media team makes great audio that sounds different because we make it differently. Collaboration is the heartbeat of everything we do - working as a creative team, with other artists and producers across disciplines, and with the communities in which we work.
From our mountain village base in Ireland, we work with a range of broadcasters across the world from national broadcasters such as the BBC and RTE to great local stations, such as Limerick's Live95FM and inclusive community radio stations across Ireland.
We're also the hosts of HearSay - an international festival celebrating and inspiring creative audio from around the world that attracted participants from 25 countries in 2015.

Award Winning Radio

The team at Grey Heron Media have picked up numerous awards for their work.

The Team

Diarmuid McIntyre

Founder & Creative Director

Diarmuid McIntyreDiarmuid McIntyre founded Grey Heron Media in 2007. But he's been involved in radio for much longer than that. Ask him to tell you about the time he was involved in running a station from the front window of a sweet shop in Kilfinane - it's a good story.
Nowadays he spends his time devising and creating exciting audio projects of all kinds with his colleagues Mairéad O'Connor and Mary McDonnell.
Diarmuid is also the voluntary Festival Director of the HearSay International Audio Festival which takes over the mountain village of Kilfinane, with the help of the world’s finest audio-makers, to celebrate and inspire Creative Audio.

Mary McDonnell


Mary McDonnellMary Mc Donnell has worked with Grey Heron Media since 2011. But she's been making radio since the age of six, sitting on a high stool at the kitchen counter with her tape recorder, doing 'requests'. For Mary, the idea of being able to parcel up stories, thoughts and sounds onto a tape, in the hope that somebody else will hear them - the magic of that has never gone away. Today Mary works with her colleagues Diarmuid McIntyre and Mairead O'Connor to devise and create audio projects of all kinds.
Mary is a team member of HearSay, the festival that brings passionate audio makers from around the world to the mountain village of Kilfinane.

Mairéad O'Connor


Mairéad O'ConnorMairéad O'Connor joined Grey Heron Media in 2011. She's been huddled over a radio, fiddling with the dial, for as long as she can remember, but she discovered the thrill of heading into the field with her own microphone through community radio and she's been recording ever since. Today she works alongside her colleagues Diarmuid McIntyre and Mary Mc Donnell to devise and create audio projects of all kinds.
Mairéad is also a member of the HearSay team who bring audio creators and passionate listeners to Kilfinane each November.


Dr Pat Wallace
Former Director of the National Museum of Ireland. Archaeologist.

Dr. Veronica Santorum
Ecologist and educator. Coordinator of Limerick's Buzzing, an environmental awareness and action project, focussed on conserving wild bees.

Eddie Noonan
Co-Founder of Frameworks Films. Director, DOP and Editor.

Olwen Fouere
Actor & Director

Jonathan Mitchell
Founder of the "The Truth "Audio Fiction Podcast