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Cultural Passions

Cultural Passions gets under the skin of Limerick's cultural life, drawing on the experiences and insights of 36 culture-makers from right across the spectrum of arts and culture in Limerick - Sport to Music, Theatre to Food. In each episode of the 12 part series we meet three culture-makers who work in a particular field and we hear them on-location and in conversation with each other, and the host Diarmuid McIntyre, as they share with us their passion for culture in Limerick.

Jointly commissioned to mark Limerick's year as Ireland's first National City of Culture, it was broadcast by Limerick's Live 95FM and RTE Lyric FM from June - November 2014. Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Programme 1 - Theatre

Joan Sheehy, Myles Breen and John Sheehy join Diarmuid McIntyre at the Lime Tree Theatre to explore Limerick's theatrical culture - from the child's wonder at the plush seats of the old Savoy theatre, to the thrill of commanding a stage and casting a spell on an audience.

Programme 2 - Community Arts

Monica Spenser, Mary Hartney and Catherine O'Halloran join Diarmuid McIntyre on the streets of Limerick to explore the vibrant community arts scene in the city and county. They explore the role of arts in community life and the projects that have inspired their work over the years while visiting a number of sites where arts and culture are helping to strengthen Limerick's communities today.

Programme 3 - Music

Boris Hunka, Jackie O'Connor and Eric Fitzgerald join Diarmuid McIntyre at Dolan's Pub in Limerick city to explore their passion for music in the city and county - from the first time they picked up an instrument to the moment they stepped out on to the concert stage and all the practice, fun and camaraderie in between.

Programme 4 - Visual Arts

Sheila Deegan, Mike Fitzpatrick & Mary Conlon, in the company of Diarmuid McIntyre, visit the Limerick City Gallery of Art to explore their passion for visual arts - each has a strong link and love for the City Gallery, a long-established focal point for the thriving visual arts culture in Limerick.

Programme 5 - Built Environment

Tom Cassidy, Hugh Murray and James Ring join Diarmuid McIntyre on a visit to the People's Park in the heart of Georgian Limerick, exploring their passion for the built environment and the culture that shapes the world we live in.

Programme 6 - Film

Maeve McGrath, Dave Burns and Simon McGuire join Diarmuid McIntyre in the old Limerick Royal cinema, exploring their passion for Limerick's film culture in the evocative setting of the once luxurious cinema.

Programme 7 - Unique Spaces

Michele Horrigan, Mike O'Reilly and Caoimhe Reidy join Diarmuid McIntyre in the town of Askeaton to explore their passion for culture in unique spaces - each has a strong commitment to presenting culture in spaces and places far from mainstream urban venues.

Programme 8 - Craft

Clare Jordan, Fergus Grant-Stevenson and Eric O'Neill join Diarmuid McIntyre on a visit to the forge at Killuragh Kraftworks in Cappamore, to explore their passion for craft and their shared commitment to the techniques and skills handed down through generations.

Programme 9 - Food

Theresa Storey, Jim McNamara and Caroline Rigney join Diarmuid McIntyre at the Organic College, Dromcollogher, as they explore their passion for our relationship with food and Limerick's food culture.

Programme 10 - Sport

Eamonn Cregan, Niamh Briggs and Rosemary Ryan join Diarmuid McIntyre at a hub of Limerick sporting life, the UL Sports Arena, to talk about their passion for sport.

Programme 11 - Different Takes

Paul Tarpey, artist and cultural chronicler, Justyna Cwojdzinska, Polish Arts Festival director, and Evan Kennedy, artist and drag performer, join Diarmuid McIntyre at King John's Castle to talk about their different takes on what culture can mean in Limerick in 2014.

Programme 12 - Literature

Kevin Barry, Mary Coll and Helena Close join Diarmuid McIntyre on a visit to Limerick's Culture House to swap stories, reminisce and share their passion for literature in Limerick.