Grey Heron Media, Lower Main Street, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
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Our base is an old sweet shop in the picturesque mountain village of Kilfinane, home to the HearSay International Audio Festival. If you are ever travelling in this remote corner of South West Ireland, do drop us an email and if we've time, we'd love to welcome you for a cup of tea.

With a mountain at each end of the street, Kilfinane is a very special place to create audio and helps us bring a unique perspective to our work.

From here we travel all over to capture compelling stories, but sometimes the finest inspirations happen just beyond our front door. Have a listen to "Take no More" our Award-winning documentary on the dramatic stand-off between subcontractors and parents, all recorded as it unfolded, at Kilfinanes new primary school. The sub-contractors who hadn’t been paid for their building arrived as school closed for the day to "take whats rightfully ours". Parents who had campaigned for 15 years over their rat infested classroom blocked their way to prevent them "stealing our school"

Click here to find out more about this documentary, or to play it while continuing to browse the site.

Immerse yourselves in "Episode 1 – Summer" of our 12-part series As It Lives & Breathes which paints an audio portrait of Limerick in a tapestry of sounds and stories – every single piece of audio from the interviews to the small sound effect was recorded by the Grey Heron team in and around Limerick City and County.

LISTEN – SUMMER – As It Lives & Breathes
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