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Multi-award winning radio features that are listened to across the world.

Grey Heron's Radio programmes unearth passions and rich interactions. Our radio work has been heard broadcast on RTE Radio 1, RTE Lyric FM, Limerick's Live95FM, CBC, BBC, Newstalk and over 30 stations internationally.

Grey Heron Media's work sounds different because we make it differently. When you listen to Grey Heron’s sound-rich radio work, you don’t just discover fresh perspectives and unique stories, you are brought somewhere new by the way it's recorded. The creative team at Grey Heron are committed to bringing the listener into the heart of the communities we work with - on location, in reaction, life as it's experienced.

Recording in the Tipperary Hills It’s important to us that the people and communities whose stories, big and small, we share with the world, recognise themselves in our programmes, how they, deep down, see themselves. Revealing those truths takes time, it takes patience and it takes trust.
A great idea always needs a good home. We have strong relationships with public service, commercial, and community broadcasters. We work closely with commissioning editors to designing programming that not just challenges us creatively but with a format, duration, and content that is compelling for their audience.

Our work takes many formats, from multi-part series exploring topics in depth, to short features and special reports, to one-off documentaries.

A Selection of Our Recent Projects

(Make sure to check out our recently revamped Soundcloud page with playlists for all our series to hear the hundreds of programmes that Grey Heron have made since our founding in 2007.)

Limerick in Tune

Limerick in Tune nominated for Prix EuropaOur series Limerick in Tune is being broadcast on Limerick's Live95FM during the second half of 2016 has been nominated for the prestigious Prix Europa 2016 in the Radio Music Category. The 12 episodes immerse the listener in the life of a community choir or band in Limerick. Limerick in Tune is about how music gets made, the friendships and stories that underpin the music making, and the joy and power of making music collectively. The series will culminate in a one hour special featuring special performances from all twelve choirs to be broadcast over Christmas 2016. The first two episodes broadcast ""Limerick Choral Union"" and the ""Something to Sing About Cancer Survivors Choir"" are now available to listen as a Limerick in Tune playlist on our soundcloud. . Grey Herons Senior Producer Mary McDonnell who recorded and edited the series and Creative Director Diarmuid McIntyre who directed it, are heading to Berlin in late October to represent Grey Heron at the Prix Europa.

The Ties that Bind

We've recently completed production work on a new four part series for RTE Radio 1 "The Ties that Bind". Guided by the intriguing work of two Harvard anthropologists who studied the people of Clare in the 1930s., "The Ties That Bind" is a powerful 4-part portrait of life in rural Ireland today. The series is presented by award-winning Clare born reporter for "The Sean O'Rourke Show" Brian O'Connell. It will be broadcast in the heart of the holiday season at 3pm on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of December 2016.

Kilmallock Walled & Alive

We love to explore community life in depth. Kilmallock Walled & Alive brings the listener on a journey through a day in the life of the medieval town of Kilmallock Co. Limerick. Over nine programmes we experience Kilmallock from morning to evening - walking the historic streets, stepping behind the scenes as people go about their daily lives, meeting the groups that make life in this town so vibrant and rich.

The series Kilmallock Walled & Alive was recorded on location over several weeks in Kilmallock and features over 150 local voices, 50 locations and a number of cows. It was first broadcast in 2015 on ECLR96.4FM and can now be heard as a Soundcloud playlist.

Limerick 2014: As It Lives & Breathes / Cultural Passions

In 2014 we were approached by Limerick's Live95FM and RTE Lyric FM. Two very different broadcasters, both based in Limerick but with quite distinct audiences. They wished us to create programming for joint broadcast that would mark Limerick's year as Ireland's first National City of Culture. We devised two quite different series for them to consider. RTE Lyric and Live95FM loved the two ideas equally and commissioned both!

Each of the 12 episodes of Cultural Passions takes a walk through Limerick in the company of three Limerick culture-makers, sharing their insights and experiences from their chosen field with host Diarmuid McIntyre.

As It Lives & Breathes takes the listener on an aural adventure. Over 12 richly textured episodes, As It Lives is a sound rich, meditative and playful sonic portrait of Limerick, the place and its people. Every sound in the series, from voices, to actuality, music to sound effects, was recorded by the Grey Heron team on location in and around Limerick city and county.

Cultural Passions and As It Lives & Breathes were jointly broadcast on RTE Lyric FM and Limerick's Live 95FM between June 2014 and February 2015. As It Lives & Breathes went on to pick up the Gold Medal at the New York Radio Festival Awards in June 2015. Both series were funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

RTE Lyric FM have commissioned a follow up series to Limerick 2014: As It Lives to mark 100 years since the proclamation of independence. "Ireland:2016 As it Lives and Breathes" being to airing on RTE Lyric FM on October 23rd 2016 during Weekend Drive.

Historic Limerick

Grey Heron Media with Dr. Pat Wallace We were asked by Limerick's Live95FM to develop a history series, working with the engaging former director of the National Museum of Ireland, the Limerick native, Dr Pat Wallace.
We created the 12 part Historic Limerick, which brought Pat on location around incredible sites throughout the county, unearthing the secrets and stories of Limerick's rich heritage. We sniff centuries-old gun powder, discover medieval doorways hidden away in cobwebbed towers and hunt out beautiful examples of craftsmanship which have put Limerick on the map for centuries.

RTE Radio One's Countrywide

Mini-features for RTE Radio 1's Countrywide ProgrammeWe’ve enjoyed contributing to RTE Radio 1's Countrywide programme since 2012. We create crafted short features which explore contemporary life in Ireland for this eclectic Saturday morning magazine programme.

We've recently made a selection of these features available as a Soundcloud playlist if you're in the mood for a tasty audio snack - thanks to Countrywide for the beautiful photo

RTE Documentary On One

We've worked with the RTE 'Documentary on One' on a number of varied projects, creating beautifully crafted, long-form documentaries.

They Had No Choice - The Story of the Irish Horse At War, which won a Bronze Medal at the New York Radio Festival in 2015, charts the harrowing story of the Irish Horse during the First World War, It was broadcast in September 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

Take No More was created in very unusual circumstances, when a national news story broke on our Kilfinane doorstep in November 2012. The minute-by-minute story of a real-life drama unfolds as building contractors, school staff and parents find themselves in a stand-off in the driveway of a rural Irish primary school. This documentary went on to win a number of awards at home and abroad in 2013, including a Gold Medal in New York, PPI Radio Award for Best Documentary 2013, and Best Documentary at the Association of International Broadcasters in London.

Getting the time and spaces to explore a story in depth is something we relish. We've also collaborated with the Documentary on One Team on the 2015 PPI Radio Award for Best Documentary 2015 winner "Con Carey and the Twelve Apostles". We went behind the scenes of amateur drama for "Brights Lights Small Village" and into the dark forest with the Munster Moth Group for "Moths to a Flame" The Grey Heron Team has also produced a number of documentaries for the "Different Voices"" strand of Newstalk including "Drama tis Personal" and "Old School".

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